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Increase revenue & build trust fast

Quantify the impact of your coaching & get data-driven insights that grow your coaching practice

Generate more leads

Quantify your impact

Build & Win Trust

Increase revenue

To increase the performance of your coaching practice, you need to continuously add value & win the trust of your clients

But there is a problem

Qualifying yourself is hard

Clients are wary of "coaches" & want data

Generating new leads takes time

Proving your impact with data is tricky

Nobody has given you a plan or tool

Knowing when to re-engage is a mystery

Qualifying yourself is hard

Clients are wary of "coaches" & want data

Proving your impact with data is tricky

Nobody has give you a plan or tool

Generating new leads takes time

Knowing when to re-engage is a mystery

It doesn't have to be this hard.

Like you, we care about helping individuals & teams understand what makes success more predictable.

We help coaches define & measure what makes their clients successful & identify opportunities for new work.

CompetencePilot makes lead generation simple. I can add massive value up-front & then measure the impact of my work. Best of all, I know when to re-engage a client using the data; it opens up new revenue opportunities for me.

CompetencePilot makes it simple to define & measure what makes your clients successful.

1 Define Model
2 Align Everybody
3 Pulse & Measure
4 Identify Opportunities
5 Measure Progress
Define Model

Define Model

What makes your clients tick? What are the key contributing factors to their success? Collaboratively define a personalised performance model for your clients or bring your own performance model & customize it. Create value quickly. 

Align Everybody

Align Everybody

Make sure everybody is on the same page regarding the importance of the different skills, attributes & values in their personalised performance model. Create a rich conversation around a model and build true ownership. 

Pulse & Measure

Pulse & Measure

What is the current status of your clients' performances? To answer this, simply kick off an assessment, anytime, any device. It takes no longer than 3 minutes to respond.

Identify Opportunities

Identify Opportunities

Focus your clients & coaching on the right development measures! Do regular status quo assessments to identify where your clients stand and what they should focus on improving next. Identify new opportunities to add value & offer coaching support based on real data insights.

Measure Progress

Measure Progress

What coaching or learning interventions have had an impact on your client's performance? If you are working with teams, you can see progress on a team and individual level over time. You can also revise your clients' performance models as they evolve & grow and most importantly, quantify the impact of your coaching & learning with data. 

You'll be amazed what you can do

Create your own competency model for assessing clients against.

Generate new leads by offering to map a clients competencies/values/skills.

Identify opportunities for more coaching or other interventions.

Visualise and communicate coaching goals & client success.

Measure the impact of your coaching & prove your value with data.

Add value to your clients by personalising a competency for them.

Health Indicator: Get alerts on competencies that need special attention.

Unlock better coaching conversations with clients.

Your Plan for Making Success Predictable

In 90 minutes, we'll help you define what makes your team successful & start measuring your performance.


1. Book A Demo

Invest 30 mins with one of MSGs performance consultants to learn how CompetencePilot can work for you.

Coaching Simplified

2. Build A Model

Use one of our models, build your own or use a industry defined model to engage new clients & support existing onces.

Grow Your Business

3. Achieve success

Subscribe to CompetencePilot & continue to measure the impact of your coaching & identify new opportunities to grow.

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How can you grow your coaching with CompetencePilot

The market is flooded with online courses, low-impact training & personality-driven hype. How do you stand out from the crowd?

So many people know they need to work on their mental game but don’t have a plan, don’t know who to trust & want data to understand the impact. In fact, 97% of leaders & managers say mental skills are extremely important to performance but only 5% are doing anything about it.

Generating leads, overcoming scepticism & proving value takes time. What if there was a simple way to add value to a client up front & then help them measure the impact of your work with data over time?

CompetencePilot makes defining a model of the skills, attributes & values that make a client tick easy. Better yet, you & your client can measure how their actual performance against the model easy.

Our research-based competency mapping & measurement tool tracks how a client’s performance/behaviour changes over time. It makes it easy to show the impact of your work & open up deeper & more impactful coaching conversations driven by data.

CompetencePilot is also great for engaging new client prospects. Offer to run a workshop or use your own/industry assessment to build a personalised competency model for them. From here, identifying opportunities for coaching or other services to address the “gaps” in performance arise naturally.

If you don’t measure it, you can’t manage it right. Let CompetencePilot be your coaching companion and start telling your impact story confidently with data.

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